How about a day without blowhard politicians?

Congressman Tom Tancredo has a column out asking:

What would a day without illegal aliens really be like? Let’s try to imagine it.

A Day Without Illegal Immigrants – CBS News

I have a better idea. Let’s try to imagine a day without blowhard demagogues. If the choice is a country with 20 million extra Mexican immigrants or a country with 20 million extra Tom Tancredos…give me the Mexicans.

A fence and deportation don’t address the economic niche filled by these immigrants. A guest worker program exacerbates the problem of temporary immigration by those with no intent or desire to melt into the pot. The main problem with the status quo is the security risk of criminals and terrorists blending in with the flood of illegals who bypass normal border crossings.

Expand the legal immigration quotas (or better eliminate them entirely) on Mexican immigration, not for “guestworkers” but for permanent status. Work to expand immigration from other countries especially for English speaking immigrants. Thoroughly vet everyone crossing the border legally for criminal history, terrorist ties and contagious diseases. Charge the new immigrants a payroll tax surcharge to cover the costs of screenings, support for local social services, etc. And, yes, put up a fence, either literal or technological, to stop those who don’t want to go through the legal process. Do all of those together and I could even put up with Tancredo’s hot air. Otherwise, while Tancredo looks forward to a day without Nansy’s Restaurant, I’ll look forward to a day without Tom Tancredo.

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