How long before the ultimatum?

Suicide Bomber Kills 60 in Iraq

A man with a bomb strapped to his waist walked up to a fuel tanker and blew himself up Saturday, setting off a roaring inferno in the crowded and cramped streets of an impoverished town south of Baghdad that killed at least 60 people.

How long at this rate before the Iraqi government gives us an ultimatum – get serious or get out?

The Iraqi police/military don’t need our training to know how to deal with this. The training is so they can deal with it our politically correct way. Providing them support, but letting them do it themselves may well alleviate some of the need for that political correctness. No reasonable Iraqi can be happy to see 60 fellow citizens killed in a marketplace by foreign thugs and I would expect that even most of the anti-American native Iraqis would accept the prospect of doing whatever it takes to put an end to this terrorism, as long as the “whatever” is done by Iraqis not Americans.

I’m not suggesting removing US troops. They should stay for some time to provide support, training for new troops and lending stability by their presence. What I am saying is that it’s past time to let the Iraqis fight this insurgency themselves, as with much less training than they are getting they could fight it effectively.

At least it’s worth considering before we get the ultimatum to get serious or get out.

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