How not to win political debates

The best way to lose a debate? In a word – lie.

Dan Rather lied and look what it got him.

Unfortunately, this post isn’t a complaint about liberal lies.

I just received an email from complaining that Google had censored an ad they attempted to place lambasting Nancy Pelosi for ethical lapses. The email claimed, among other things,

Well, we saw that if you typed in “Tom DeLay”, all of the ads were ANTI-DeLay ads.

Interesting. So, I thought I’d check it out. Here’s what I found when I typed in “Tom DeLay”.

Help Us Defeat DeLay
Give to DeLay’s oldest foe.
Help Texas Democrats beat DeLay!

Great Conservative Book
Eyes Wide Open: What Liberals Don’t
Want You to Know About America!

Speak Thru Your Rear End
Buy Bumper Stickers. $0.49 – $2.99
Custom, Humor, Politics, Bush Wacky

Delay Goverment for Sale
right wing values
bumper stickers

2 anti-DeLay, 1 pro-DeLay and 1 neutral. A serious enough tangle with truthfulness to make me doubt the rest of their claims.

I refreshed a few times and varied the search a bit as the folks from RightMarch should also have done and the results were substantially the same although the 1 pro-Delay ad had a tendency to blank out occasionally. When that happens, it’s usually an indication that the ad is a lower revenue ad either because of a lower Cost-per-click or because of a lower Click-thru-rate. It’s certainly not something that the Gnomes of Google do from their caves beneath San Francisco Bay.

I did a few additional searches just for curiosity and what I found was, indeed, curious. Tom DeLay seems to be about the only politician/official with ads running against him. George Bush, Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Alberto Gonzalez didn’t have any ads that were negative toward them. They were either positive or essentially neutral (news sites, etc.).

Bill Frist did turn up with one odd ad that I think was supposed to be anti-GOP, but it’s not obvious at first glance – I wouldn’t promote the Democratic Party by claiming in my big bold headline that:

Democrats Killed Christ
GOP becomes God’s Only Party,
or in Arabic, Hezbollah.

Club for Growth has picked up on this. Let’s hope this doesn’t presage the big lie spreading like wildfire in conservative circles.

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