How to waste $250,000 conservative dollars

Want to waste $250,000 that could be used promoting free minds and free markets? Here’s a good example of how.

Americans for Better Justice is trying to get more conservatives to call for Miers’ withdrawal with this advertisement, which will run for at least a week on Fox News Channel as part of a $250,000 television and radio buy.

I don’t have a strong position one way or the other on the Miers nomination, but this is a complete waste of money. George Bush is well aware that many of his conservative supporters are not happy with the choice. He’s convinced in spite of this that the choice is a good one. And he’s a stubborn Texan who hasn’t withdrawn judicial nominations even when the Democrats filibustered them. (That’s a compiment to him and Texans generally, btw.)
They should have the hearings and the debate in the Senate and certainly those who you feel strongly should let the Senators know, but what a waste of money buying TV ads for a lost cause that could be better spent fighting Soros and Company.

Source: Adwatch: Miers’ Withdrawal Sought

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