I hate having to side with the press

U.S.: Miers Won’t Withdraw Top Court Nod

Yet in a combative exchange with reporters, McClellan on Thursday said: “You all want to focus on side issues like religion.”

I hate having to side with the press, but somebody needs to let Scott McClellan know that it wasn’t reporters who have tried to make Harriet Miers religion the focus of debate.

On the other hand, he’s dead accurate with the following:

“And I think that we are doing a disservice for the American people when we focus on other issues and not her record and qualifications and experience, because that’s what matters when you’re on the nation’s highest court,” McClellan added.

So how about it, Scotty, on with the show. Record, qualifications, experience? Throw us a bone out here in Bush supporter land so we don’t look like complete boobs for thinking there might be something good in this pick. Tell us something that qualifies her other than “her heart” and her faith.

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