I wonder how the Invasive Species Initiative would feel about this

It seems some “ecologists” have come up with the idea of purposely transporting African animals to Kansas or Wyoming or somewhere out there.

Home on the range where the elephant

A GROUP of prominent ecologists has called for African wildlife, such as lions and elephants, to be transplanted to North America and allowed to roam the Great Plains…

The scientists’ plan appears in the journal, Nature. It is attracting interest from some influential circles, including media mogul, Ted Turner…

I wonder how the folks with The Nature Conservancy’s Invasive Species Initiative feel about the idea. Well, they might say this:

The sudden introduction to a new landscape of a foreign species, one free from natural competitors and predators, can cause ecological chaos….

Invasive species contribute directly to the decline of 49% of the threatened and endangered species in the United States.

Of course, those are American species and by definition inferior to African species. The idea that someone can be so anti-nationalist to blame American plants and animals for the accident of being born here and prefer African species for no other reason than that they are African is utterly ridiculous.

They think African species are important to preserve. Okay, I can understand that. But doesn’t it seem like the logical method to do that would be to protect them in Africa? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that African land is probably a lot cheaper than land in say, Kansas. So, why not take some of those Hollywood movie dollars or Ted Turner cable dollars and buy a few million acres of African grassland and set it aside as a nature preserve?

For what it’s worth, speaking of The Nature Conservancy, if you feel the need to help to preserve and protect the environment, they are the group to help. They actually take their donations and do useful things like buying land and restoring/preserving it. They probably have bought African grasslands to protect. If it’s a choice between believing the opinion of “ecologists” associated with Ted Turner or believing the Nature Conservancy, I’m going with the latter.

The article was emailed to me by The Eclectic Econoclast.

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