I'm going to visit…

next time I’m in Springfield.


Cross Street: South Avenue
Address: 323 S Avenue
Springfield, MO 65806
Phone: 417-832-1720
Posted by T E Williams
Comments: Great coffee, free wifi, downtown, locally owned.
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I can’t stand Starbucks. It’s not an anti-corporate thing (obviously). It’s just the fact that I like coffee unadulterated and Starbuck’s coffee sans the “double-half-twisted-half-caff-mochachino with whipped cream and sprinkles” tastes like crap. And it costs three times as much as the very decent cupajoe that can be had at any Mickey Ds (a big corporation I like). I suspect that a lot of people have more political reasons for wanting a Starbucks alternative, but whatever the reason a consumer wants information about Starbucks alternatives, they can now have it. The market can only work better with more information, which I suspect can’t be a good thing for a company with an overpriced, lower quality product.

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