In London!?

Reuters AlertNet – Chechen rebels trumpet attack as new campaign

“If you are talking about large attacks, and are not taking into account the daily attacks on police in Ingushetia and Dagestan, then you can consider this our first massive assault (since Sadulayev’s accession to power),” senior rebel figure Akhmed Zakayev told Reuters.

Zakayev, deputy premier in Chechnya’s rebel government in exile in London, said the Russians could expect more attacks

Islamofascist scumbags allied with Al Qaeda have been allowed to setup a “government in exile” in London?

That’s like the US allowing the IRA to set up a “government in exile” in Washington. Only it’s not, because the IRA never targeted the US and these jihadists have very definitely targeted the UK. These “separatists” are all part and parcel of the global jihadist movement and separatism isn’t their real goal; Islamic conquest is. Perhaps if the US and the UK did a bit more to help Russia on this they’d reciprocate when we need a hand. But if nothing else, if I were Tony Blair, I’d be a bit worried that Putin might decide to apply the Bush doctrine, “You’re either with us or against us…”

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