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Tom Rants Default Interesting point on religion

Interesting point on religion

I try to avoid talking about religion, other than saying when asked my religion that “I’m a Republican,” because my views are too conservative for my libertarian friends and way too liberal for evangelicals. But the following point from
A Red Mind in a Blue State’s Friday Quickies

deserved some comment:

The key contention revolves around the watchword for this new century: democracy. Americans’ true religion is democracy. We treasure freedom. We believe in “one person, one vote”. The right to stand up and say, “That’s wrong!” and to expect to be listened to, and to expect change– it’s in our blood.

Which is why many Americans have difficulty with Old World religious institutions, whether Anglican or Catholic. Americans refuse to understand that the Catholic Church is not a democracy. You have no vote. You obey the rules or you go to hell. It’s pretty simple, and this Pope has not backed off an inch– if anything, he toughened up the rules.

That’s the thing that doesn’t seem to click with those who criticize Christians for saying something is sinful when it’s not politically correct to do so. If Christians believe the Bible is literal and are honest with themselves, then that is going to be their belief. It’s not a matter of choice.

Not only are American’s too used to democracy, we’re too used to the buffet line. But if an eternal unchanging God gives rules for living, you don’t get to take a little piece of sexual morality, a smidgen of baptism, a little communion wine and pass on the “love your neighbor ” and the “judge not.” It’s not a buffet, it’s a soup and you’re gonna end up hungry with a cold bowl of soup if you try to pick out the pieces you don’t like.

You want smorgasboard religion, you better be a Minnesota Lutheran. 😀

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