I know, I promised no nonpolitical posts, so I’ll try to throw something good in here, but this is interesting. I was checking out the “referrer” sites to this blog and several of them were Google searches. One was for the name of one of the experts that CBS sited as part of Rathergate who says he did not substantiate the memos as they claimed (handwriting expert Matley). This blog was actually the number 4 site on the first page of results, so I’m quite happy there, not that I expect a lot of people to be doing that search. There, politics – Rather claimed this man authenticated 4 memos when all he did was authenticate one signature on one memo. What did Dan and John know and when did they know it?!

Someone else searched for ‘”Glenn Beck” Kerry diametrically’. No idea what they were looking for, but they ended up here and some of the other search results were interesting.

I’m still trying to get to the front page for the word Googleholic that I, in my hubris, thought I had coined until I went to the grand engine and did a search for it only to find 66 people a bit quicker than myself. I am up to link number 16 or so on that with only 3 days trying.

Coming soon, my new book, How to Make the First Page on Google for Searches Nobody Makes (subtitle: Confessions of a Googleholic )

Update, just moments after I completed the story. This is BIG! “22:”. I have no idea how this happened, most likely someone looking at Rush’s site typed in this one, but in any case I am honored and humbled.

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