Iran and International Law

Iran is complaining that US saber rattling violates international law and the UN Chart.

Zarif said the use of “false pretexts” by senior U.S. officials “to make public and illegal threats of resort to force against the Islamic Republic of Iran is continuing unabated in total contempt of international law and fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter.” – Iran: U.S. Threats are Violation of International Law – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

He may be right. Of course, before Iran gets to cite international law they need to have a President who understands the single most important rule of international law – diplomats are untouchable. The idea that the US can violate international law by threatening military action against a country that has been in a de facto state of war of their own choosing against the United States for almost 27 years is ludicrous.

Then there are the statements by Iran’s President Ahmadinejad threatening both preemptive war and genocie against Israel. Don’t those violate the same maxims of international law and UN Charter?

Aside from that, a government of, by and for terrorists is subject to the use of military force under international law. The universality principal applied to terrorists as it always has been to pirates, places every member of Iran’s regime under the legal jurisdiction of any nation that chooses to take action.

International law is a tool for the vast majority of nations that abide by it and a great protection especially for smaller states (Kuwait comes to mind). It’s a loose enough collection of rules and limited enough by the sovereignty of nations that disagreements and violations are to be expected, but a powerful government which since its very inception has flagrantly and routinely violated its most basic tenets shouldn’t expect to use it as a shield.


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