Is there really a chance he won't get death?

Moussaoui admits 747 terror plot

The 36-year-old French citizen of Moroccan heritage also insisted he would fight the death penalty that federal prosecutors say they are seeking, now that the judge has accepted Moussaoui’s guilty plea.

Is there really a chance that an American jury could fail to give the death penalty to an admitted 9/11 conspirator? Some death penalty opponents might even consider killing him, especially since the whole innocent man argument is out the window. This guy fought hard to plead guilty – this was no coerced confession. His guilty plea was refused once in 2002, and only accepted by the judge after great deliberation 2 1/2 years later. And they won’t be letting death penalty opponents on the jury anyway.

His one chance would have been to provide meaningful intelligence, but in almost four years in captivity he hasn’t done that and calling anything he knows at this point “stale” would be an understatement. There are almost 3,000 aggravating factors, so even if he was abused as a child, I just don’t see a jury letting him off.

Maybe when these liberal lawyers see that “having your day in court” for killing thousands of Americans means the death penalty they’ll shut the hell up about Guantanamo Bay.

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