It takes a family

Bill seeks to tax Internet porn

Legislation proposed by Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., would require for-profit adult Web sites to use advanced software to verify the age of users. The Federal Trade Commission would issue and enforce these regulations.

It also would apply a 25 percent tax on “Internet pornography transactions,” Lincoln said.

There’s going to be great temptation for conservative Republicans to go along with this lousy idea. But there are very good reasons not to.

Anyone who believes that this tax earmarked for enforcement will actually go for that is living in la-la land.

But even more important, this bill buys into Hillary Clinton’s It Takes A Village crap. Wrong, like Mr. Santorum says, It Takes a Family. The proponents of this thing came up with the ridiculous example of 11 year olds looking at this stuff. 11 year olds? What kind of parent allows that? Or is it happening at school? If so, the school needs to be shut down and bulldozed. In any case, buying into this bill is chipping away further at the responsibility of parents, chipping away at the idea that we should expect parents to be responsible. Further abdication of parental responsibility in favor of government is bad for families and bad for liberty in ways that have nothing to do with smut.

It Takes a Family : Conservatism and the Common Good

It Takes A Village

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