Tom Rants Default It's Not His to Risk

It's Not His to Risk

The arrogance hubris of John McCain knows no bounds.

But two people briefed on conversations that Mr McCain had with his staff said the senator told aides he was willing to risk the presidency, because of possible loss of support from Republican lawmakers and voters.

Guess what? It’s not McCain’s to risk. Among movement conservatives, of which there are 15 to 20 of us left, George Allen beats McCain for the GOP nomination. Among “neocons”, Secretary of State “44” beats McCain pretty handily. Among general GOP voters Rudy Giuliani is polling ahead of McCain and usually outside the dread “margin of error.” The only group where McCain enjoys solid support for the GOP nomination, which he needs to even get into the general election in the first place, is among Democratic voters. Apparently no one seems to see the flaw in counting on them to vote him into the GOP nomination.

But all that’s ok. John McCain still thinks he’s entitled to the Presidency, not unlike another arrogant war hero Senator who lost the race. I think it’s time to give McCain a new nickname; let’s call him Senator Icarus.

McCain stands his ground on CIA jails – Financial Times –

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