Just Neo

I was browsing around Wikipedia and stumbled across an article on neoliberalism, which it relates to “Thatcherism”, the work of Milton Friedman, Austrian economics and free markets generally.

Of course, lately, in spite of my non-jewishness I’ve on occasion been lumped in with something called neoconservatism which apparently involves supporting a strong military, believing that spreading the American ideal of freedom is a good thing and a neo-Platonic communitarianism espoused by Leo Strauss. (Straussians forgive me if I misrepresent your vision.)

And I’ve joined a neolibertarian network recently, which is dedicated to increasing liberty even if only incrementally and also is rooted in an understanding that a strong national defense is important to the defense of liberty. Libertarians have been around long enough to need neo-libertarians? Who knew?

So, I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s all a sign.

I am Neo.

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