Last nonpolitical post?

Three or four points here, I neglected to count.

First, Perhaps there will still be the odd general announcement on site matters, but otherwise this will be the last nonpolitical post on this site. I’ve decided to move all my general interest stuff to yet another domain. I’m up to 22 at last count of which all but 3 are business or real estate related. Those three are this one, which is my political ranting outlet obviously, which is pretty much what it sounds like other than including some ‘nonfloating’ float trips and my new one which is going to be everything else personal. I’ve recently gotten involved in a hobby from my youth since the wife met some people close to our age who are also involved, roleplaying games. I wanted to do some online things with that and was fairly certain that it would not interest anyone who reads this site. So, I’ll be doing all my posting on tech stuff, business stuff, general interest, nonpolitical humor, music, movies or whatever at that site. It has good syndication ability, so if you do want to check in on me occasionally there I’d suggest getting Firefox and the Sage extension (same site). If three or four blogs would get RSS or ATOM feeds, I’d read all of them and a big chunk of news that way.

Second, this site was originally my “test” site where I tried out all the neat little ideas for my business sites. Since ths site has taken on a life of its own, I felt like a new test site was in order. Lastly, with 22 domains, it just made sense to have a “dot net” since that’s a fairly substantial small network. Sure it did. Or I’m just proving my geekdom. On the testing note, I have tested out a a new blog program there that I like a little better, b2evolution, which is an outgrowth of the WordPress project. As soon as I figure out how to install it to the home directory here without losing all the old WordPress posts, I’m going to do so. Reason? I can better organize posts to separate out local vs. state vs. national politics and general vs. GOP vs. libertarian vs. conservative politics. The hope is for a little cleaner look and a little better organization. It also automatically pings back 4 blog directories whenever it’s updated, which for this site would be good since it ultimately means more traffic.

Third, I’m going to try a little more regularity in posting here. Aside from the short comments on news articles, I intend to start posting a bit more in depth commentary on a weekly or twice weekly basis. A couple of those that I’ve done recently have drawn favorable comment on here and by email, so I’ve decided to duplicate success to the extent I can.

Anyway for the 6 people and growing who seem to at least occasionally enjoy my political rants, hopefully this is all good news. And for my one reader who used to do RPGs 15 years ago, enjoy the other site.

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