Left wing Missouri B!0g Gets Press Exemption

The Federal Election Commission has granted a press exemption to a left wing Missouri b!0g that expressly advocates for Democratic candidates. FiredUpMissouri.com is run by Jean Carnahan’s former chief of staff and features guest editorials by Carnahan, former Missouri Democratic Senator Tom Eagleton and other Democratic Party figures from the state. I don’t object at all to their engaging in partisan speech. I do find it unconscionable that a blatantly partisan, well heeled Democratic endeavor with the resources and connections to get an exemption should be exempted from a law that most real grassroots commentators can expect to be enforced by jackbooted feds at any time.

The commission said expenses for news stories, editorials and other commentary on the Web site, FiredUpMissouri.com, aren’t considered expenditures or contributions under campaign financing law, regardless of its partisan views.

“I think it’s an important victory for free-speech advocates,” said Temple, who served as chief of staff to former Sen. Jean Carnahan, D-Mo., and was chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party. “I view the expansion of the Internet in the political discourse as an important civic space.”

FOX23 – Coverage & Convenience – Regulators give press exemption to Missouri political blog

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