Liberty Nazi (?) Says "No Soup" for Ron Paul

Stephen Van Dyke at the Hummer of Truth has these words for Ron Paul, Jeff Flake and all the other principled, limited government Republicans who’d rather win (re-) election by outlandish margins than lose as Libertarians.

Frankly, if they wanted our good wishes, they should have run on our ticket. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Considering that Libertarian Bob Smither managed a 6% vote during an anti-incumbent wave while his write-in Republican opponent with a hard to spell name and a penchant for peeing in the wrong places got over 40%, that’s an utterly ridiculous stance. It looks increasingly like any real hope of a freer society requires a lot of soup for major party candidates. And the case for souping them was pretty strong to start with. (Thanks to Kevin for the pointer to the “Loo” story.)

Considering that Republican incumbents who abandoned Republican principles (limited government, tax cuts, civil liberties, integrity) also got handed some defeats that seem even worse given the advantages of incumbency, the GOP needs to learn a lesson, too. It looks increasingly like the Republicans need to give a lot more soup to candidates with those real Republican principles and spend a lot less time worrying about which PAC is writing today’s check.

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