Libyan court orders medics to be executed by firing squad

“Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were sentenced to death by firing squad by a Libyan court yesterday, prompting the European Union to call for the verdict to be reversed.”

You know, there is some reason the Libyans believe this. If it is true, it is a horrendous crime and deserves the death penalty. I understand there are some doubts, but there is also an automatic appeal. Which actually says a lot for the Libyan legal system. so does the fact that they have an independent judiciary. It’s disturbing in an odd way that Qadafi can’t commute the sentences the way a US President could, but the fact that they have an independent judiciary willing to do things that aren’t in the interest of Qadafi says good things about their system.

Basically, it boils down to this: Are they really innocent or are the ‘doubts’ just window dressing for the fact that Europeans oppose the death penalty?

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