Tom Rants Default Making sense of RealID

Making sense of RealID

Kevin at Rant Me A River has this to say about the ‘privacy’ complaints against Real ID”

We’re in a war against people who purchase fake ID’s, some issued by corrupt county and state employees who sell bogus birth certificates and drivers’ licenses. The national standards will make it more difficult for them to do so. That’s a good enough reason for me. But then, I don’t lay awake at night listening for the tap-tap of jack boots coming down the hall or the whir of the rotors of “black ops” helicopters hovering over my home.

It strikes me that the only difference that reliable IDs could possibly make to law abiding citizens would be to reduce the likelihood of being mistaken for a criminal with a similar name. (As in this post from Jay Tea at Wizbang.)

As near as I can understand it, the privacy purists want to create a new right, “the right to lie about your identity and forge state issued IDs,” from the penumbra of the right, itself penumbral in origin, to privacy. Where are all these penumbras going to end? “The right of foreign terrorists to kill Americans in public in the presence of witnesses while using false identification and raping goats”?

I’m not a big fan of any national system for tracking citizens, but you’d think from the response to this that it required federal registration, checkpoints at county borders and registering with the local police department when you arrive in town. As I understand it, this law basically requires that state IDs be reliable and verifiable. That doesn’t seem particularly threatening.

Of course, there is a simple method for those libertarian purists who don’t want a Real ID to avoid the issue and one that should not conflict at all with their lifestyle if they are true to their beliefs – don’t go to government offices looking for services!

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