Matt Blunt Has Opposition in '08

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon (Democrat) filed a change to his campaign fund today making official his candidacy for Governor in 2008. He doesn’t understand what Republican Governor Matt Blunt (Roy’s son) has done right:

“It’s a harder and more difficult question for me to answer about what they’ve done right than what they’ve done wrong,” Nixon said, referring to Blunt’s administration.

Well, what he’s done right is govern the way he promised to and in keeping with the values he espoused on the campaign trail. He said he would follow the Missouri Constitution’s mandate that education funding be number one priority. Since One-Term Bob Holden’s tax increases were soundly rejected at the polls by voters, that meant cutting spending in other areas. That’s what he did. He also balanced the budget that One-Term Bob couldn’t and did it without raising taxes. He promised to rescind One-Term Bob’s illegal executive order allowing collective bargaining by civil servants and that was one of his first acts in office. In short, unlike many Republicans in the US Congress, he kept his values and his pledges once elected. If Jay Nixon can’t see anything right in that, it just confirms that he shouldn’t be Governor.

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