McCain: Good enough for my constituents but not my buddies

One of John McCain’s constituents was pushed to resign after approving an advertisement comparing Nazi book burning to government control of where McCain’s other constituents could shop. CNN Money story

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Thursday its public relations manager for Arizona and Southern California had resigned. The resignation came two weeks after the retailer was forced to apologize for an Arizona newspaper advertisement showing a photograph of a Nazi book-burning.

Meanwhile, McCain thinks censure, essentially being told he’s a bad boy without so much as even an actual slap on his real wrist, too harsh a penalty for his colleague Sick Dick Durbin.

“I think that Senator Durbin owes not only the Senate an apology—I don’t know if censure would be in order.”

The Senate seems to be hung up lately on meaningless apologies and a veneer of collegiality at the expense of the business of the people.

Fortunately Senator, the Gang of 14 may be able to stop a censure resolution, but it’s not up to you if Sick Dick gets to keep his job. It’s up to the voters of Illinois. I wonder if Jack Ryan is still available. And it’s not up to the Gang to decide who gets elected to the White House in 2008.

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