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The United States is giving the Saudis lessons on attracting foreign investment.

[US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez] said that some democratic reforms, more education opportunities, stronger rule of law and other changes also would help attract capital and create jobs.

It seems kind of an ironic time for the United States to be touting rule of law vis a vis foreign investment as our own Congress proves that we have, in fact, a government of men and not of laws.

The US military is shutting down its operations at Abu Ghraib prison and transferring 4,500 prisoners to other facilities. Apparently it’s no big deal to have skanks leading prisoners around on leashes at the Baghdad airport. It’s just a problem if it’s near one of Saddam’s rape rooms. I guess it shows the low quality of US torture by comparison.

Dubai’s royal family is “furious” about US bigotry and there are rumors of retaliation in the works including the cancellation of an order for 42 Boeing 777s.

A source close to the deal said members of Dubai’s royal family are furious at the hostility both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have shown toward the deal.

“They’re saying, ‘All we’ve done for you guys, all our purchases, we’ll stop it, we’ll just yank it,’” the source said.

Fortunately, “Middle East Oil-exporters” only hold 2 percent of the foreign investment in US securities. Not like Arabs dumping dollars could start a run on the currency or anything else that might hurt the typical American worker.

Donald Rumsfeld says that Iraqis will have to fight an Iraqi civil war to the extent there is one and to the extent their able. General Abizaid clarifies, “with our help.” Is it safe to assume that they might need more “help” for an all out civil war than they need for an “insurgency”? If they do need more “help” does that mean that we might let the fine gentleman at Whiteman Air Force Base finally provide a little “help”?

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The Security Council is about to take up the matter of Iranian nuclear fuel enrichment. Since everyone seems to be opposing direct military action, even the tail between their legs “neocons” and Israelis pretty much ruling it out, it sure would be nice to have an ally at the mouth of the Persian Gulf to help enforce any economic sanctions. And if that “last resort” became necessary that ally could be even more helpful. Oh, well, if wishes were nickels maybe the US Congress could get the deficit under control instead of spending time passing ex post facto laws, bills of attainder and uncompensated takings.

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