MiniRants: I told you so, waterboarding, Guantanamo and Canterbury

  • I told you so. To all those who drank the McCain Kool Aid of “electability”, I told you “The liberal media love McCain as a maverick Republican in the Senate or an underdog Republican Presidential hopeful. They will not love him as a Republican nominee for President…” Well, look what these liberals have cooked up, before poor deluded Mike Huckabee has even thrown in the towel… To paraphrase H.L.Mencken, Republicanism is the theory that country club Republicans know what they want and deserve to get it – Good and hard!
  • If anyone deserves the death penalty, it’s Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. If anyone deserved to be waterboarded, it was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. If any case deserves to be thrown out of court, it’s a capital case based on a coerced confession. The Catch-22 of Waterboarding to Save Lives – If you want the evidence to be used in court, even in a military tribunal, waterboarding is out of the question. The Constitution doesn’t prohibit enhanced interrogation. It actually doesn’t even prohibit torture. It prohibits two things tangentially related – “cruel and unusual punishment” and coerced self-incrimination. Aggressive interrogation to get military intelligence is not punishment and it’s not coerced self-incrimination. But once coercion is used, the information is tainted for purposes of a trial. It’s a real shame Khalid Shaikh Mohammed shouldn’t be executed at this point, but that’s the trade off that was made to save lives.
  • Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is under fire for saying in some situations British Muslims ought to be allowed to submit to Sharia courts as an alternative to government courts. Perhaps he’s right. Sharia law makes murder punishable by death and doesn’t appear to have an anti-waterboarding provision. The problem of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is solved after all. Close Guantanamo and send the terrorists to Canterbury where they can be tried by Bishop Williams Lonely Sharia Court.

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