MiniRants (Missouri Edition): Condi No, Sarah Yes; The Ron Paul Coups



  • Dick Morris has found a new politician to support: Missouri Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman. He was impressed enough by her action to purge Missouri state investments of companies that support terrorism that he traveled to Missouri to give a free speech on her behalf. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

    “It’s not governor, you know. It’s not senator,” Morris said. “But she’s had more influence in fighting Iran than anybody in the United State except Condoleezza Rice.”

    That’s high praise from one of the biggest pushers of a Condoleezza Rice Presidential campaign and this time he’s found a lady who actually wants to run. Steelman for Governor 2008, Steelman for something else 2016?

    Dick Morris: Steelman “my hero,” Hulshof is “dirt”

  • The Ron Paul supporters plan to circumvent the electoral process at Saturday’s county caucuses achieved considerable success. In Jackson County, the regular party activists were working with the Ron Paul supporters to elect a “unity slate” of delegates to the state and district conventions and to submit amendments to the Missouri GOP platform. At some point one of the 911truthers got antsy and moved to nominate his own slate. The Jackson county chair (the elected head of the Jackson County GOP) walked out and the Paulians took complete control. In St. Charles County, Phelps County and Greene County they also elected the vast majority of delegates from their slate. Word is that they have majority control of the Missouri GOP convention May 31.

    In Newton County, no Ron Paul supporters bothered to show up and, as usual, we (meaning the GOP) had trouble filling the full slate of 25 delegates and 25 alternates to both conventions. No Ron Paul supporters unless you want to count me because I voted and petitioned for him in 1988, voted for him in the primary and gave a few bucks to his campaign, but I would have been there anyway. I was there to defeat Barry Clinbama in November. I was a 2000 and 2004 delegate to the state convention, served on the GOP county central committee for 3 years and have been working for Republican candidates since the 1988 Congressional campaign of Mel Hancock. I’m also fully committed to seeing the Republican nominee elected to the White House in 2008. And I don’t believe for a second that 9/11 was an inside job. In other words – I’m a party regular. You know a Bilderberger, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission kinda guy. Now if someone would just tell all those groups so I can get some of those cushy gigs they give out, or at least a free trip to the next meeting…but I digress…

    The Missouri Machtergreifung appears to have succeeded. Power to the….oh, wait, the people voted for McCain didn’t they? Never mind…

    Branson should be an interesting place the last weekend in May. If it gets too rowdy, I can always go fishing.


    Ron Paul supporters control Republican county conventions

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