Moral Equivalency

This tidbit throws a wrench in the theories of those who would ascribe moral equivalency between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the purported “cycle of violence”:

Six Israeli human rights groups petitioned the High Court of Justice on Tuesday, calling for an end of harming civilians while Israeli army carries out military operations in the Gaza Strip, local daily Ha’aretz reported.

People’s Daily Online — Israeli groups ask court to prevent harm to Gaza civilians: report

The problem for the terrorist’s apologists is twofold. First, when was the last time you heard of six Palestinian groups, especially relatively mainstream groups in the Palestinian population, opposing the targeting of civilians by Palestinian terrorists? Second, and more important, what apparatus has the Palestinian Authority created to enforce the rights of Israelis against Palestinian abuse?

The Israeli courts do enforce the rights of Palestinians against the Israeli government. Further, the Israeli government has always, to my knowledge, respected the final rulings of those courts. Even under Fatah the Palestinian Authority lacked any apparatus that would come close to giving a fair shake to Israeli citizens. In fact, even Palestinians probably get a fairer shake in Israeli court than they would in the corrupt kangaroo courts of Fatah or the Sharia courts of Hamas.

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