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Torchbearer asks How much did Judas really earn? and then goes through a lot of calculations to come up with:

Therefore, Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for what is approximately $12,254 in today’s currency.

Actually, the largest silver coins weigh around an ounce. Let’s say that Romans liked heavy coins and double that. The spot (bid) price for silver on Friday was $7.25. $7.25×60 ozs. = $435. The silver might have bought more in 32 AD, but that just proves that even precious metals aren’t totally inflation proof. But Torchbearer’s calculations are interesting.

Further thought What if Judas instead of scattering his silver on the ground and hanging himself had banked it at say 3% interest? He’d now have his initial $435 plus $9.254087472291889e+27 . Since it all transpired in late March, early April the extra interest for the last 2+ months would be enough to retire on pretty comfortably – roughly $5e+25 which, if I’m remembering correctly, is $5 trillion plus an extra 13 zeros.

By way of Marginal Revolution.

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