First Freedom of Speech, now Freedom of Assembly

Not satisfied with overturning Freedom of Speech, the Federal Election Commission is attempting to overturn Freedom of Assembly as well.

The FEC lawsuit against the Club for Growth alleges that certain ads run by the Club constituted “express advocacy” for or against a specific candidate and that this makes the Club a Political Action Committee. PACs are not allowed to have members. So, the FEC wants to deny the right of Club members freely to associate as members of the Club.

I would write my Congressman about this or even pray about it, but I’m afraid that might put the Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances and the Free Exercise of Religion on the FEC’s radar. At the rate their going they may work themselves out of a job when they take away the right to vote.

“The Federal Election Commission’s suit against the Club for Growth continues this agency’s war on the First Amendment and its defense of incumbents from criticism of their policies. The FEC’s claims and legal theories are a bizarre interpretation of the Club’s mission, the Constitution, the laws adopted by Congress and their own regulations governing nonprofit organizations.

“The Club’s principle purpose is to advocate for and defend pro-growth policies. One of the ways we do that is through the Club for Growth PAC, which allows Club members to donate to pro-growth candidates and independent expenditure campaigns. We have consulted with counsel every step of the way and have followed the law and regulations that govern our work.

“This action by the commission was triggered by a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee complaint about ads we ran criticizing former Sen. Tom Daschle’s refusal to back pro-growth tax cuts. The complaint had no supporting detail and the Commission allowed it to lie inactive for nearly a year and one half and then resurrected it as a platform to seek to take away our members’ rights and exact a huge civil penalty from the Club.

“The FEC, under pressure from liberal organizations that want to regulate free speech, is attempting to regulate organizations through the Courts when the Congress and the agency itself have rejected additional regulations on 527 groups such as the Club.

“The Club will vigorously defend the rights of our members, and all Americans, to organize and speak out about our government’s policies. The FEC’s outrageous lawsuit will further boost our members’ determination to work harder than ever before for free speech and free markets.”

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