Mounties Make Rampart Cops Look Professional

The Mounties took 10 hours to realize that Robert Dziekanski was in the Vancouver International Airport. Then in 24 seconds they decided that this guy, who in ten hours hadn’t caused any problems, was enough of a threat to need tasering.

And they managed to kill him in the process.

Dazed and confused after more than 15 hours of travel, unable to communicate in English and scared because he couldn’t find his mother, Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was jolted by a taser just 24 seconds after being confronted by police in Vancouver International Airport.

So, apparently, the Mounties had never been trained how to handle someone with limited English skills in an international airport. In a bilingual country.

For all the propaganda about southern bigot cops, it seems like traveling south of the Mason-Dixon line is a whole lot safer than going to or through an airport north of Des Moines.


Questions hang over taser death

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