Mullahs Out of Options

Independent Online Edition

The Islamic extremist cleric who fled Britain at the weekend, Omar Bakri Mohammed, was arrested by security forces in Beirut today.

Lebanese security officials refused to say when and where Bakri was arrested.

Britain to expel voice of hatred

BRITAIN’S promised crackdown on the “preachers of hate” began yesterday with a move to deport Abu Qatada, described as al-Qa’ida’s spiritual ambassador in Europe.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke announced immigration officers had detained 10 people deemed a threat to national security following last month’s deadly bomb attacks on the capital, and planned to deport them.

So the “Tottenham Ayatollah” is arrested in Lebanon and Britain is deporting the radical clerics that didn’t leave on their own. The tolerant French started cracking down on Muslim extremists, or at least Muslim schoolgirls, a year ago. Where’s a mullah to go? Hollywood maybe?

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