Muslims don't take care of their own

There are 15 Chinese Muslims imprisoned at Guantamo Bay who were determined to be low risk, ready for release 20 months ago. In fact, they’ve all been cleared for release twice. We can’t send them back to China because China imprisons (or worse) Christians, Muslims and others if they won’t tow the atheist government line. Doesn’t seem like a big problem. If these were 15 Chinese Pentecostals in a Saudi prison there’d be thousands of Americans begging our government to give them asylum. But apparently all the Muslim governments of the world and their holier than us Muslim populations, are curiously silent, unwilling to help fellow Muslims in need.
[Note: The Washington Post story is a puff piece blaming the Bush administration and never asking why no Muslim country will take them in.]

Chinese Detainees Are Men Without a Country

The Bush administration has chosen not to send them home for fear China will imprison, persecute or torture them, as the United States charges has happened to other members of China’s Muslim minority. But the State Department has also been unable to find another country to take them in, according to U.S. officials and recently filed court documents.

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