My favorite movie – evolution of a concept

This was started by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution and continued at Lagniappe from whence the baton was passed to The Eclectic Econoclast who noted he’d like to see several other’s responses including mine.

I’m not really sure how to answer this. Honestly, I would say that the “evolution” is more a matter of addition than replacement. That is, when I was 3, Yellow Submarine was undoubtedly my favorite movie – it’s the first one I remember, so I know it was. Since then, I can’t say that any movie has stopped being my favorite to make room for another. Instead, I probably have 15 or 20 favorites that I revisit from time to time. So perhaps these are more my “favorites of the year” and generally speaking they’re all on fairly even footing depending on mood.

Choices and more commentary after the cut:

~1973: Yellow Submarine

1977 Star Wars

1979 The Jerk

1980 The Blues Brothers

1984 Vacation (I wore out at least 3 VHS copies of this)

1987 Ishtar

1990 The Hunt for Red October

1992 Unforgiven

1995 Casino

1996 Braveheart

1997 Clerks

1999 The Sixth Sense

2001 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Which should have been called – The Tale of Samwise the Brave: Episode 1)

2002 Ocean’s Eleven (the original)

2005 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

My tastes vary from the cheesiest comedies to the cheesiest sci-fi, but they run towards (aside from cheese) movies with bold plots and bigger than life heroes. Great special effects never hurt either. There are also several others that I can’t fit in the chronology or that are favorites not because of the movie themselves but because of their associations with other things (The Big Easy, Roadhouse, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Where the Buffalo Roam). As far as choosing a favorite from among the works of Monty Python’s Flying Circus – impossible. The same could be said of the work of John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, though they have each put out enough material that they have on occasion gotten stuck with a stinker, so just suffice to say that you’d have a hard time disappointing me by sticking any of their movies in the DVD player.

I will refrain from tagging anyone and instead invite comments from the peanut gallery, either on my choices, the pathologies they reveal or your own picks.

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