No they don't

Christian Science Monitor on purported violation of Geneva Conventions:

Al-Hayat, one of two major pan-Arab dailies, followed the story on the front page Saturday, with the headline “Pictures of Saddam in His Cell Violate the Geneva Conventions.” The paper, like many in the region, didn’t show the photos of Hussein.

Okay, we can expect the Arab press to get things like this wrong. Anything for the cause of killing Americans, right? But where does a Presidential spokesman (Trent Duffy) get off saying the pictures are a:

clear violation of [Department of Defense] directives and possibly Geneva Convention guidelines for the humane treatment of detained individuals…

A – Saddam Hussein is not a POW.

B – He was not a member of the Iraqi armed forces.

C – He’s not in US custody. The US army is assisting in guarding him, but legal custody was turned over to the new Iraqi government last year.

It’s just a complete legal impossibility for there to be a violation of the Geneva Conventions by the US with regard to someone who is not a POW, could never have been a POW and is not in US custody.

Moving along to more important things that a dictator in his skivvies….

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