Nowhere near the high ground

John Tierney’s piece on school vouchers in the New York Times is chock full of good stuff, starting with the premise of the title “A Chance to Escape”. Aside from the technical considerations, vouchers have “the moral high ground.” They offer kids a chance to escape failing schools. The Florida experience shows that they improve the public schools that kids with vouchers leave, contrary to the alarmist rhetoric of the NEA. But perhaps most importantly, the opponents are pinning their fight on Blaine amendments with a “shameful pedigree.” Florida’s own version of the Blaine amendment was an anti-Catholic measure passed right alongside a ban on interracial marriage and a school segregation requirement. Liberals have ceded both the moral high ground and any claim to compassion for the poor or common cause with minorities in their pandering to teacher’s unions.

Via Newmark’s Door.

(For more on the Blaine amendments, A Constrained Vision has about 20 posts, all very good and some very in depth.)

(Sidenote to my friends from SMSU. If you aren’t at least occasionally reading Newmark’s Door and the Eclectic Econoclast, you should be. They’ll remind you of Joe Bell and Tom Wyrick – the sense of humor, not just the economics. Now, I’m off to find blxgs that remind me of Drs. Pilant and Brown.)

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