Odd choice in guests

I hate to get stuck in a Russell Crowe rut, but the latest is utterly ridiculous. He was scheduled to have dinner at the White House, attend a private screening of his film Cinderella Man for the President and spend the night. That’s been cancelled because it would be “unseemly”.

White House snubs Crowe
But his antics in the Mercer Hotel foyer on Monday morning had White House officials quickly on the phone to cancel the engagement, which had been scheduled for the following night.

So which would be unseemly, for him to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom that the last President rented out for whatever he could get or to be the guest of the current President whose State of the Union guests included a brutal gang murderer? Brutal gang murder on the one hand, throwing a phone on the other. Yeah, I’d pick the murderer as a guest, too….

Sometimes I seriously wonder about whoever is in charge of these sorts of things. The election strategists go out and pull off miracles, the President himself when speaking off the cuff says exactly the right things on almost all issues. But then whatever functionaries handle the day to day stuff between elections can’t seem to pull their heads out of their rears. They throw away most of the President’s political capital on an a not all that attractive reform of the Third Rail, while other initiatives languish. They push for expanding Patriot Act powers at a time when even many Republicans think that some of the powers need reduced. They let Ted Kennedy write the education bill and then when he complains about it, don’t bother to point out his role in it. They pander to the softwood lumber companies, the steel companies (sorry Kevin) and the textile companies among others, while quietly claiming to support free trade. (I’m not even sure what good those bilateral trade deals do. We have a free trade agreement with Canada and that hasn’t stopped protectionist policy on lumber.)

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