Palestinians commited to socialism

Read between the lines of this article in Arab News about Palestinian plans to demolish settler houses after the Israeli withdrawal of settlers from the Gaza Strips. You’ll find a message that the Palestinian Authority is committed to authoritarian government. Israel had agreed to leave the houses standing. They could have been sold, homesteaded, auctioned or even given to worthy (however you define that) Palestinians encouraging an ownership society. Instead they are to be razed to make room for high rise apartments. Is there any doubt that these high rises will either be public housing owned by the PA or, perhaps worse, owned by cronies of the PA leadership?

Israel has agreed that its troops will raze the houses when the settlers are evacuated, but then the socialism begins in earnest. “Palestinians[have] agreed to clear the debris in a project that would generate jobs in Gaza.”

Perhaps the Palestinians will be happy for a few years as they trade Israel’s firm hand for the iron grip of Palestinian tyrants. When they realize what they’ve achieved for themselves, and compare it to what the Israelis have just miles away, you can bet they won’t blame the Palestinian leaders, they’ll blame the US and Israel.

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