Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

The Commisar is a bit upset with The [Grand Old] Party’s Illustrious Leader in the House of Representatives and is running a poll on how Mr. Hastert should be punished for his performance in suggesting that Congressional offices should enjoy a privilege against search and seizure that his constituent’s homes don’t. (After all the search in question was conducted under a warrant issued on some pretty substantial probable cause by a District Court judge. Get yourself videotaped committing a major felony, get caught with evidence in your freezer and see how long it takes them to get a warrant for your office.)

Mr. Hastert’s ally in the assertion of this extraconstitutional Congressional immunity is the Even Older But Much Less Grand Party’s Nancy Pelosi. Interestingly enough the leading punishment in the Commisar’s poll with 40% of the vote is “Dennis Hastert should be – required to sleep with Nancy Pelosi.” Talk about strange bedfellows…

Personally, I’m of the opinion that since Congresscritters should have nothing to hide a warrant shouldn’t even be required. They ought to gladly open their offices on a few minutes notice at the request of the FBI on the shadow of a suspicion or because of the issuance of a national security letter by the NSA. What’s good for the governed ought to be good for the rulers…the Magna Carta came before the Constitution and that whole Revolution in 1776 was about defending the liberties of Englishmen, the most basic of which was that the king was not above the law.

And, yes, I voted to make Hastert sleep with Pelosi literally.

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