Rantlets: liberals and the internet, Bono and free trade

  • Many liberals have the annoying tendencies of double standards, hypocrisy and short sightedness. This last quality provided a bit of humor for me the last couple of days. It all started with a screenshot and link making the rounds “proving” that there were no sober people in Ireland by doing a search on Goldenpages.ie. Now, as we all know accusing the Irish of all being drunks is the last politically correct ethnic slur out there, so that was just plain funny. Some liberal, thinking himself witty, ran with the idea to “prove” that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It didn’t occur to him that I’d be along in a few days to prove that there was no integrity in the Democratic Party, no substance in Barack Obama’s empty suit, no intelligence in liberalism and, just to lay the rumors to rest, neither corruption nor impeachable offenses in the Bush administration.
  • Then there’s the liberal tendency to paint the same Republican as either a complete idiot or an evil mastermind depending on what’s convenient. We’ve seen this most with George Bush who is alternately the idiot who can’t even pronounce nuclear (because, we all know, normal nasally New York speech is correct and normal Texas speech is stupid, by definition.) and the evil mastermind who blew up the World Trade Center with his buddies the Saudis as an excuse to invade Iraq (ignoring the fact that we had plenty of reason and a law signed by Bill Clinton already). The latest example of this bit of liberal double dealing is with John McCain.
    A few weeks ago Arianna’s minions were Huffing about the fact that John McCain doesn’t know how to use a modern PC. Yesterday, they began Huffing about the fact that McCain supposedly plagiarized a Wikipedia article.

    George W. Bush bumbling idiot or evil mastermind which is itImage via Wikipedia

    This leaves me with two questions: First, how did he do it – Did he call up George Bush and say, “George would you get on ‘the Google’ for me and find out about Georgia?” Second, how do you plagiarize something that’s released with a GNU Free Documentation License allowing essentially unlimited copying?

  • Not to bash on liberals too much, here’s kudos to some of the work done by Bono and others involved in the DATA project which is encouraging increased trade as an essential component of African development. They have it absolutely right. And things are looking good for their plan and Africa. The Club for Growth today noted a report that 14 African nations will launch a free trade zone this Saturday – “The Free Trade Area (FTA) will exempt 85 percent of trade from tariffs and the aim is to fully liberalise by 2012.”
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