Reasonable Doubt

Bob Woodward’s own words:

When asked by Fitzgerald if it was possible I told Libby I knew Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA and was involved in his assignment, I testified that it was possible I asked a question about Wilson or his wife, but that I had no recollection of doing so. My notes do not include all the questions I asked, but I testified that if Libby had said anything on the subject, I would have recorded it in my notes.

Now, when Scooter says “no recollection” it means he did it and is lying about it. So, if Woodward says “no recollection”, it means he did it and is lying about it, too, right? Anyway you slice it, it looks like a fair amount of reasonable doubt.

Side issue: Since Bob Woodward’s involved, does this lend credence to my theory that the “leaker” was a whistleblower trying to blow the lid off problems at the CIA, ought to be given a dirty movie nickname and praised for thirty years?

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Text of Bob Woodward’s Statement

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