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Tom Rants Arab sex and Linspire Pirates

Arab sex and Linspire Pirates

Interesting things in the referrer logs today. It seems that someone searched on Google’s Arabic version for “aramco sex”. Saudi Aramco is the Saudi-American joint venture oil company. I had no idea that Saudi oil rigs were a fetish. They ended up at this site because of one of my most popular posts, the one on Katie’s Sex Day Camp and some random mentions I made of Aramco.

I’m currently looking for potential partners for several real estate and development projects, including beach front resort developments in Central America and the Caribbean and apartments in the Chicago metro area. These are multimillion dollar deals and only appropriate for well qualified foreign or accredited US investors. Interested? Contact me.

Apparently I’m an expert on Saudi Aramco generally, as another recent searcher was looking for “aramco proxy for yahoo messenger” on the Google. I know one of my floattrip friends pointed out to me that Saudi Arabia has a national firewall (scary idea) that probably filters out a lot of sex stuff (even “aramco sex”, I guess), so they may have been trying to find out how to configure a proxy server to bypass it.

And lots of keep coming to my site looking for those “hot lebanese chicks” and now Egyptian as well. They ought to be looking for Iranian or Pakistani girls, too, but that’s just my opinion.

Another searcher came looking for a pirate Linspire download. Which is utterly silly. Linspire is offered by the company as a free download that you can run off CD. If you want a very very very similar installable Linux version completely free there’s a version called Ubuntu. From my experience the two are very similar, work on the same equipment and are equally simple to install and use. Pirating semi-free software that has several 99.999% compatible free competitors seems kind of pointless. But hey, whatever floats your…pirate ship, mate.

Finally, someone was looking for a picture of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. I didn’t have one, but I do now. And for good measure, a picture of Melanie Blunt, Missouri’s First Lady.

More on oil on my site Financial Options including The Secret Way to Play Oil.

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