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My Library Zeitgeist

The My Library section of this site has an interesting search profile going.

I’ve had people searching for the books that I listed. There have been quite a few visitors who were searching for Lasher by Anne Rice in one iteration or another. A fair number have also wandered through looking for the Jim Morrison book by Mick Farren and the Andrew Greeley novels I listed. Those are relatively tame.

I’ve also gotten several variations of searches for “Chef’s Salty Balls” because my opening post was a review of the (excellent) cookbook by Isaac Hayes, the voice of South Park’s Chef, which does in fact feature a recipe for the same.

Today I noticed a new search, for which My Library apparently ranks number 1 on Google – voodoo death omens. Due to a review of Phillip Steele’s book Ozark Tales and Superstitions which has “lists of good-luck omens, bad-luck omens, death omens, wishes, love and marriage omens, moon signs, weather signs, miscellaneous superstitions and cures and remedies.” I’m not sure that I’ve used the word voodoo anywhere on the site, but apparently the G didn’t care.

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