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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default Remote Eskimo Community Builds Igloos of Bud Lite Bottles

Remote Eskimo Community Builds Igloos of Bud Lite Bottles

Fifty-seven miles above the Arctic Circle, newlyweds Iluak and Sura set aside plans of ice-hunting, kayaking and dog-sledding to do what they do best – hunt down and drink Bud Light. As empties mounted on the tundra, a question formed. According to their 1000 year old culture, if an Eskimo shows respect to the object of his hunt, the object – be it wolf or whale – would give itself voluntarily to the hunter.

Would the same hold true for beer?

In a show of respect, the happy couple turned the bottles into their very home. As if by magic, more Bud Light soon arrived on their “Beer-gloo” doorstep. Some villagers said they were wedding gifts, or maybe a mistaken delivery, but Iluak and Sura knew better.

The spirit of Bud Light was giving thanks.

Soon Beer-gloos dotted the village as the happy tribe drank and laughed its way through winter. And on bitter-cold nights, a song would rise as the Arctic wind blew through the bottle necks. Iluak (“person who does good things”) swears on the life of his next cold one that the song is nothing less than the spirit of Bud Light singing out – APRIL FOOLS!!!

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