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Tom Rants Default Rino Sightings: Week of April 23, 2007

Rino Sightings: Week of April 23, 2007

Jane Novak at Armies of Liberation has an article shedding some light on the politics of Yemen, where tribal authority operates outside and even above the law (crossposted at The Arab American News):

Many within Yemen’s Cabinet, Parliament and other government agencies have the courage and political will to challenge this status quo. However, efforts toward governmental efficiency and neutrality, and economic growth and development, are regularly thwarted by the substructure of political tribalism.

While shuffling Cabinet members may well have a positive impact in Yemen, that impact will be limited without strong presidential support. President Saleh, who presided over the tribalization of Yemen, is the only one who can fully empower the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, the Parliament, the judiciary and other state institutions. The institutional development of the Yemeni government must necessarily come at the expense of President Saleh’s tribal allies. After 28 years in power, it remains to be seen if Saleh has the capacity to choose the nation over his cohorts.

All Things Jennifer addresses indirectly the question of why Karl Rove might not want to be jabbed in the chest by Sheryl Crow. Given this quote from Crow on the issue of toilet paper, I’ll pass on being touched by her myself:

“I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.”

aTypical Joe explains why he bought half of Cow #9. Ted Nugent would be proud.:

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate, honor, and eat some of cow #9: 68 burgers and 6 Boca burgers (nearly 10%, we had a vegetarian station set up).

I’ve been meaning to write the definitive post on why I bought cow #9, but as I put it off and put it off the task grew larger and larger and I realized that there are so many reasons (a click on my Food link will give a good sampling) that there can be no definitive post. What I can simply and honestly say is that the most important among all those reasons was that I could know that this cow, #9, had a good life. And I could know that this cow, #9, had a humane death.

Digger is off to DC to lobby against illegal immigration at the Hold Their Feet to the Fire event and reports back here. Perhaps the big, but unsurprising news was that John Boehner’s staff treated them badly:

The office of Congressman John Boehner, minority leader in the House, threw out the first of our citizen lobbyists that went on Capitol Hill this morning to discuss illegal immigration. Most of the groups went out as five with a leader. The group that consisted of Jeff Liegey and Ed Liegey of Pennsylvania and Scot Toops and Maylene Miller of Ohio just got back about 5 minutes ago and said the staff of Boehner’s office were rude. Maylene said that she went into the office and respectfully requested a discussion on the issue and the office staff told her to stop yelling at them and eventually had them leave.
The same group talked to Duncan Hunter’s office staff and were invited in and given coffee and allowed to talk. The group was not inexperienced when they went into Boehner’s office.

I can’t say that I agree with their cause, but were I a Republican leader, I’d try to show them at least a little courtesy given that these are part of the Republican grassroots. But maybe that helps to explain how Boehner and Company managed to accomplish so little from 2004 to 2006 other than losing the Republican majority.

For my part, if you missed it, I had enough…again…of the “professional media” displaying their ignorance of basic politics. The Supreme Court did not ban any form of abortion or anything else last week, but according to one NY Daily News reporter (among others) :

The federal government’s reluctance to say how it will enforce the Supreme Court’s ban on a type of late-term abortion has left some fearing the worst.

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