RINO Sightings

No, this isn’t another complaint about Shadow President McCain. I’m bringing you this week’s roundup of posts from the Raging Rinos, the group of independent Republican bloggers that refuses to drink the party Kool-Aid – whether it’s out of the Bush-Cheney Administration or the McCain-Collins Administration.

Jane at Armies of Liberation brings us the news that Yemen is rapidly becoming a new version of Afghanistan under the Taliban:

The flow of Yemeni jihadists into Iraq brings into question the extent to which extremists embedded within the administration have co-opted the tools of the Yemeni state. As formal political institutions in Yemen rapidly devolve, Yemen many already have reached the tipping point in becoming an al Qaeda sponsored state.

BloodSpite from Techography brings us, a history lesson and a warning (and don’t miss the great map):

We are on a bobsled to hell, and no one is bothering to attempt to put on the breaks, and the Democratic party, in fact seems more than willing to repeat past mistakes, and punch the gas to damnation.

And from the DANEgerous Weblog, a roundup of the Leftist-Islamist Convergence as Hoyer bows to the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist group) while Pelosi bows to Assad (terror sponsor):

At Egypt’s Al-Ahram Weekly, an account of a meeting with Muslim Brotherhood, Hizballah, Hamas, and Western Marxist idiots; I’ve used that headline before, but this is a truly mind-boggling example of Total Moronic Convergence™

And my own contribution A Pig in a Poke is my take on the bill of goods the Wall and Purge crowd are trying to sell us on immigration reform.

Digger gives us the scoop on Elvira Arellano, “a criminal, no more, no less,” whose crime spree only started with her first illegal entry into the country and who, after ten years in the country, still hasn’t bothered to learn the language:

Yes, because Elvira Arellano has been treated so unfairly by this country we must now listen to her cry about how hungry she is as she goes on a hunger strike with her aiding and abetting “pastor”. This is not going to be a nice post. This is going to be an angry post, as it damn well should be!

RINO,Rino sightings

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