Roberts another Souter

Nobody seems to know much about this guy except that the people who know him like him. Presumably he hasn’t had any illegal immigrants on the payroll or any illicit love affairs. Nina Totenburseems to have a crush on him or something, so she’ll sell him to the NPR set. He hasn’t written enough opinions to know much about him, but reportedly said that Roe v. Wade is “settled law” during earlier confirmation. The hope held out to the right to life crowd is that he was saying it was settled law at the appellate court level, but as a Supreme Court Justice he’d have power to unsettle it.

He worked for Bush’s father, which makes him slightly less attractive than if he had worked for Bill Clinton. After all, Bush, Sr. ran against Ronald Reagan as a pro-choice Republican, Barbara may be America’s grandmother, but she’s America’s pro-choice grandmother and Bill Clinton’s policies were more conservative on almost every score.

Whatever. It all looks very unclear, very unexciting and potentially troublesome. This guy could be another Souter. He could also be Scalia’s Anglo side. In any case, unlike many possibilities, this one isn’t worth getting worked up over. I won’t be writing any letters to Senators for this guy or expending any other effort. If the libs attack him, so be it, maybe Bush will nominate someone with some pizzazz on the next shot.

Newsday has a bit about his record, amost entirely from fifteen years ago. And while searching for that sort of thing, to see if anyone had actually dug up anything worth knowing about him since last night, I noticed that Ann Coulter seems to be thinking along the same lines, “Souter in Robert’s Clothing”…I’m off to read what she says.

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