Saving Private Ryan from Janet Jackson's Breast

Saving Private Ryan from the FCC – Robert Garmong –

On Veterans Day 2001 and 2002, ABC stations nationwide broadcast Saving Private Ryan, uncut and uninterrupted. The film, an extremely realistic portrayal of the D-Day invasion, was presented as a celebration of the American soldier%u2019s indomitable will to meet and defeat any enemy. But now Private Ryan has met a homegrown enemy: the Federal Communications Commission.

If the cost of freedom is a sagging 45 year old tit on my TV screen, so be it. Sure, I’d rather have a younger breast, but that’s what pay-per-view is for.

Of course, as the film reminds us, the real cost of freedom, is much more than the minor annoyance of seeing something on TV we don’t like, whether it’s a breast or Dan Rather’s stack of forged memos. The least we owe those who have sacrificed as members of the armed forces is to defend freedom as well as we can against homegrown threats to that freedom.

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