Tom Rants Default Shameless Commerce and other trivia

Shameless Commerce and other trivia

  • There are still 9 days left to order from Amazon with free Super Saver Shipping and still get your order by Christmas. If you haven’t visited Amazon lately, they have way more than books – everything from electronics to groceries. Yeah, groceries.
  • If you spend more than $25 on electronics at Amazon before Christmas, you’ll get $5 in free MP3 downloads. (That’s basically 5 songs.) And their downloader now has a Linux version. Awesome. Now if the “Unbox Videos” just had it.
  • My Wish List
  • I’ve set up a new microblog of one liners called Curiously Morbid. It is, essentially, bad humor on current events in the news or life generally – all the short wisecracks that I don’t feel like developing, editing and doing all the CYA political correcting to post here will likely go there. The latest example:

    Since I guess he’s still technically Governor, I wonder if Rod Blagojevich would appoint me to the Senate if I chipped in for bail money?

    I can’t guarantee that it will be 100% family friendly, though it should be relatively work safe. It’s also a very simple design so you can view it on wireless devices. If any reader is interested in an account to post your own morbid curiosities, shoot me an email or something as I’d be glad to have other contributors.

  • I’m also experimenting with a program called SweetCron, which is an open source “lifestreaming” application. It does what Friendfeed and a number of other websites do, essentially republishing anything you post online anywhere all in one place. The hook is it lets you do it on your own website. I’ve installed it at . It’s probably not much interest as far as content at this point, especially since most of it is republished from here, and it’s not really pretty yet but I thought some of the techie readers here might be interested in the application.

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