Shameless Commerce Weekend

This Friday is “Black Friday”, the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and next Monday has been christened “Cyber Monday” as it has become the opening day of the online shopping season the last few years. While anti-capitalists from left and right will combine to decry the “commercialization of Christmas”, I won’t be joining them. As Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” And almost as importantly, “When people are out of work, unemployment results.” Even Oprah Winfrey has her “Favorite Things” show. I’ll be getting in on the act and running a series of posts from Thursday to Monday featuring lots of goodies for Christmas from lots of different places. My bit of contribution to the opening festivities and a bit of a tweak at the people who don’t understand that crass commercialism is to America what building a cathedral was to medieval France. Buying and selling is what we do best and it’s what’s best about us. So, check back and I’ll round up some ideas for all the people on your Christmas list.

Shameless Commerce Posts:

The Moleskine
Wine Things
Floating Gear
Tea and Coffee
Beer und Brats

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