Site revamp

I’ve revamped my links and categories to hopefully make this less of a mess and will hopefully update the theme/template in a few days.

Moved the categories sections to the top of the page, so anyone who wants t read just politics can click the appropriate category and anyone who doesn’t want to read politics can do likewise. I just suppose this is common courtesy given my level of surprise at the number of people who want to read any of what I have to say.

The links. I’ve eliminated the descriptions and the ratings, because it just looked sloppy. As far as ratings, if I put it here it’s at least an 8 (out of 9). There may be issues with site design, etc. (as if my sites don’t) but they all have something that made it worth my putting them here. As far as the descriptions, if it’s not self-explanatory look at the category. Use Mozilla and you can always open in a new tab.

I’m trying to wrap my head around this CSS thing to add a new look to the site instead of the default. I’ve been attempting that for several years now (understanding CSS). HTML is simple enough for my small and increasingly overcrowded brain. While I can’t write more than a few lines of PHP it’s structure at least makes enough sense that I can usually find the error that’s causing problems or what part to tweak to achieve the result I want. But these style sheets just look like nothing so much as random letters on a page and I simply can’t see the relation to the finished product.

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