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You may have already noticed the three little icons in the corner of each post that have been added in the last day or so. These are little javascript popups. Two of them were written by H.P. Nadiq and included in his Blue Radiant theme for WordPress. The third I wrote myself, based on the other two, but I am rather impressed that I seem to have made it work right, if I do say so myself.

The middle one with the envelope icon allows you to email a link to the post to anyone you want to share it with. Please use this a lot. 🙂

The one on the right with a little printer creates a print friendly version of the post. Use that all you like also – it includes the website address, so you can even do reprints if I write anything worth reprinting and be compliant with my Creative Commons License.

The third one went surprisingly well. It’s the Google icon and, as you might expect, opens a popup window using the post title in a Google search. It defaults to a search of the web, although once there you’ll also have the option to search just this site. I’d love to hear comments as to whether you think this is useful, neat, amusing, horribly written, annoying or whatever. Interesting thing I found is on how many of the searches, the actual post came up in the top 2 or 3 results.

Update:I modified the Google search to use the post title plus the first several words of the post, since some of my titles may not create good search results by themselves. The goal is just to get enough keywords for a basic flavor of the post. You can always modify the search once the Google box pops up by adding a few words that you think are relevant.

For any of those to work, I expect you will have to enable popups for this site, but that shouldn’t be a problem as I don’t run popup advertising.

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